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Ethnobotany Project Presentation: CNPS

“The connection to who we are as a people has everything to do with the plants.” —Tongva cultural educator, Craig Torres On 04-18-17 in […]

Last Week for Cultural Revitalization Exhibition

The Native American Cultural Revitalization in San Diego County Exhibition closes this Friday, Nov 1. We hope you can see the installation during this […]

Pinyon Pine Nut season

It’s almost pinyon pine nut gathering season in southern California. It’s a really labor-intensive process, but the aroma of roasting pine cones is intoxicating, […]

Native Cultures: Mesquite Flour

Native Cultures: Mesquite Flour Tree of Life Nursery: in San Juan Capistrano Featured New Product: Mesquite Flour From the Seri People of the Sonoran […]

Prickly Pear Tunas

These tunas are the domesticated variety, Opuntia ficus_indica, that grow wild all over the San Diego County back country roads. The really red ones are […]

A Southern California Native Cornucopia

This past week-end, July 9–10, I photographed the Native Plants for Food & Utilitarian Purposes class at Idyllwild Arts Center taught by a group of stellar teachers, […]