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Ethnobotany Project Presentation: CNPS

“The connection to who we are as a people has everything to do with the plants.” —Tongva cultural educator, Craig Torres On 04-18-17 in […]

The Ethnobotany Project Book

Collaborator Rose Ramirez and I just completed our Ethnobotany Project, a book focusing on the contemporary uses of twelve native plants of profound importance to […]

Salvaging Yerba Mansa: Barbara Drake

On Thursday, June 24, we took a fieldtrip to one of the regional parks in Riverside. Rose Ramirez, Joe Moreno, and I helped Tongva […]

Marian Walkingstick :: Acjachemen basket weaver

The spring semester is over at CSUSM, so I have time to work on page layouts for a photo-heavy book I hope to finish […]

ethnobotany calendar collaborative project

3:50 am. up early in anticipation of beginning the 91 day, 13 week ethnobotanical calendar project. field notes. photos. journal entries. notebook. diary. notes. […]