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ISHI: The Archive Performance

Hope you can come see ISHI: The Archive Performance James Luna with Sheila Tishla Skinner California State University San Marcos, ARTS 111, September 12 […]

Luiseño Landscapes: Celebrating People, Places, Land, and Culture

  Luiseño Landscapes by CSUSM Students: Art, Anthro, Poli Sci, and Soc | Make Your Own Book Click on the button with four arrows […]

Ethnobotany Events at CSUSM for California Native American Week 2010

The public is invited to two Ethnobotany and Culture events at CSUSM for California Native American Day/Week 2010. Poster design by Marilyn Huerta, Administrative […]

Gregory Canyon Landfill: Ecological and Cultural Catastrophe

Gregory Canyon Landfill Report: PDF version: easier to read Last night, June 3, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers held a public scoping meeting for […]

Desecration of a Sacred Site: Gregory Canyon

Proposed Gregory Canyon Landfill: Cultural Fact Sheet below and poster above from the savegregorycanyon.org website 1. The proposed Gregory Canyon landfill is located on […]

Red maids Calandrinia ciliata

Red maids, Calandrinia ciliata, at the Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve. Red maid seeds were eaten by Chumash people and were a highly esteemed […]