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Seri Facepainting Cultural Exchange

The Seri/Comca’ac Womens Artisans Cooperative members prepare for the celebration and sale of their artwork at the XIPE PROJECTS Museum in Huntington Beach, CA. They […]

Seri Artisans

From XIPE PROJECTS: Greetings Friends! This is a quick note to remind you that on  Thursday, November 7, between 3PM and 9PM, Xipe Projects will host […]

Last Week for Cultural Revitalization Exhibition

The Native American Cultural Revitalization in San Diego County Exhibition closes this Friday, Nov 1. We hope you can see the installation during this […]

Cultural Revitalization Exhibition now open

Native American CULTURAL REVITALIZATION in San Diego County Exhibition is now open. PLEASE SEE the POST BELOW THIS ONE FOR MORE IMAGES from the […]

EXHIBITION: Cultural Revitalization: Oct 12

WHAT: Native American CULTURAL REVITALIZATION in San Diego County: Our exhibition focuses on the revitalization of Native American cultural traditions through the sustainable use of local […]

Juncus textilis triptych

Showing  students how to create triptychs. The three images are from the Cultural Revitalization project. 1. Laleena McCluer, Luiseño student holding her first open-weave […]