The Seri/Comca’ac Womens Artisans Cooperative members prepare for the celebration and sale of their artwork at the XIPE PROJECTS Museum in Huntington Beach, CA. They are applying their facepaint in the home of master basket weaver Abe Sanchez, who is helping to host them during their visit to the U.S. from Desemboque, Sonora, Mexico.

The elegant and often intricate facepainting designs are applied for ceremonies, celebrations, markets, and fiestas. Historically, facepaint was applied “as protection from the sun, for purely aesthetic or decorative purposes, for curative and supernatural purposes, and to influence nature,” according to Richard Felger and Mary Beck Moser in their People of the Desert and Sea.

More images of our Seri friends can be found here.

Xipe Projects Group Photo

Xipe Projects Group Photo

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