Routine Contaminations

One mushroom annihilates our sense of separation from the cosmos.
The other mushroom might annihilate the cosmos itself.

“Experiencing Small’s art is rather like biting into a cookie that detonates in your mouth.” —Suzanne Muchnic, Los Angeles Times arts writer, 200

“Small’s work rivals anything by Eduardo Galeano, John Sanford, Paul Metcalf and Michelle Butor. We are witnessing a major talent.” —Joe Napora, Cedar Hill Review, 1999

“Listen to what I am about to say and remember these words: this book is just about as perfect as can be. That’s right, perfect. I can imagine no text or media being changed. An excerpt from page 155 says it all.” —The Muse Apprentice Guild: The New Canon of the 21st Century
“Two hundred rads are a lot of rads,” Jane tells Dick. “You probably wouldn’t want your testicles bombarded with that many rads.”
“I probably wouldn’t want my testicles bombarded at all,” Dick replies.

cover routine
ROUTINE CONTAMINATIONS is about various detonations-personal, political, social, imaginative, as well as nuclear. With Jane and Dick as the primary narrators, routine contaminations traverses the nuclear and chemical landscapes of the past fifty years.

“What do you think accounts for the precipitous drop in sperm counts worldwide,” Dick asks Jane as they survey a landscape littered with the pathologics of permissible doses, safe exposures, and acceptable body burdens.

“How do we expand the range of our affections to embrace all species,” Jane replies as they scan the widespread contaminations that are now routine.

Contemplate the Cosmos
Contaminate the Cosmos

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