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Ethnobotany Project Presentation: CNPS

“The connection to who we are as a people has everything to do with the plants.” —Tongva cultural educator, Craig Torres On 04-18-17 in […]

Cultural Revitalization Exhibition now open

Native American CULTURAL REVITALIZATION in San Diego County Exhibition is now open. PLEASE SEE the POST BELOW THIS ONE FOR MORE IMAGES from the […]

Salvaging Yerba Mansa: Barbara Drake

On Thursday, June 24, we took a fieldtrip to one of the regional parks in Riverside. Rose Ramirez, Joe Moreno, and I helped Tongva […]

Sanctuary: yerba mansa

Pó’ polóóv téngalish. That’s a good type of medicine. Pí’ potówla pó’ polóóv. Its root is good. Pó’ chévnish qayááwima ‘o-’óówi. Chévnish cleans the […]