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Palomar Mountain & Deer Hunting Season

If you’re planning a hike to Palomar Mountain in California this fall, give some careful consideration to your outfit. My friend Amy Rouillard and I thought […]

Native Plants for Food and Medicine Class 2010

In July, Tongva elder Barbara Drake and Cahuilla/Apache Lorene Sisquoc once again taught their Native Plants for Food and Medicine class at Idyllwild Summer […]

gathering deergrass and sumac

Marta Rodriguez and Abe Sanchez gathering deergrass, Mulenbergia rigens. Marta is from San Jose de la Zorra, a Kumiai basketweaving village in Baja. Deergrass […]

Rose hips / Rosa californica

Here are the beautiful rose hips we gathered this week-end in the San Diego County back country. For photos of us gathering, see the […]

Rose hips & chokecherries

On Sunday, Rose Ramirez, Abe Sanchez, and Marian Walkingstick travelled in the San Diego County back country to gather rose hips. Marian, an intrepid […]