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Baja: Teresa Castro and Daria Mariscal, Santa Catarina

On Saturday, August 10, we returned from a trip to Baja organized by basket weaver Rose Ramirez and anthropologist Mike Wilken. Above is an […]

Joe Moreno and Minnie Tafoya gather Rhus trilobata

Saturday, January 30. Fieldtrip with Rose Ramirez, Joe Moreno, Minnie Tafayo, and Ray Tafayo to gather the long, straight shoots of Rhus trilobata, aka […]

earth air water fire

fire element: working on clearing today. trimming all the small trees and shrubs in my backyard and above the house. in all our minds […]

California poppies: Eschscholzia californica and torture

“Humans are creatures in search of exultation,” Ellen Meloy writes. Exultation = the Lake Elsinore poppy fields. Saturday. Cold. Misty rain. Windy . . […]

Gathering deergrass

Photo of a deergrass gathering group in North County San Diego, with basketweavers, including Marian Walkingstick, Lydia Vassar, Rose Ramirez, Abe Sanchez, my dad, […]