Tag: Salvia columbariae

Gathering chia

On Saturday, July 3, basketweaver/native plant foodie Abe Sanchez and I gathered chia, Salvia columbariae, in an area that burned fall not far from […]

Seaweed, Salmon, and Manzanita Cider: A California Indian Feast

An exhibition based on Seaweed, Salmon, and Manzanita Cider, a California Indian Feast, published by Heyday Books, is opening July 10 at the Grace […]

Come Home to Povuu’ngna at Rancho Los Alamitos

This Sunday afternoon, June 13, Marian Walkingstick, Abe Sanchez and I are going to the “Come Home to Povuu’ngna at Rancho Los Alamitos” event at […]

more on thistle chia

Thistle sage /Thistle chia / Salvia carduacea in flower in May On Saturday, November 22, I went to the exhibition at the Oceanside Library […]

Gathering Chia Seeds

Monica Madrigal gathering seeds of thistle chia on the Cahuilla Reservation. She is using a seedbeater made from Rhus trilobata and Juncus textilis. Thistle […]