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Agave Harvest

This week-end, CSUSM students from Joely Proudfit’s Political and Economic Development, Bonnie Bade’s Community Ethnobotany, and my Advanced Digital Arts classes will participate in an agave […]

Anza Borrego cholla, hedgehog, and barrel cactus flowers

Barrel cactus flowers, Ferocactus cylindraceus. In this 2007 photograph from Desemboque on the Sea of Cortez, Raquel Hofer and her aunt, who wields the […]

Anza Borrego continued: desert lilies and trumpets

Desert lilies, Hesperocallis undulata, along the wash on the way to Vista del Malpais before sunrise. Dried desert trumpets, Eriogonum inflatum, along the wash.

anza borrego desert lily

Collaborator Rose Ramirez and I went to Anza Borrego on Friday to catch the light as the sun was going down. We drove out […]