Indian Rock Garden

Indian Rock Native Garden Catalog:
(click anywhere in this paragraph to download the catalog)

A catalog (PDF) documenting the on-going collaboration between the San Luis Rey Band of Luiseño Indians in San Diego County, and art and anthropology students at California State University San Marcos, with Anthropology Professor Bonnie Bade and Visual and Performing Arts Professor Deborah Small

Clicking on any of the following pages will link you to the Indian Rock Native Garden Blogsite

Indian Rock Native Garden Collaboration description

Indigenous San Diego County

Greg Rubin, Native Plant Consultant


Indian Rock and the Puberty Ritual

Students at Indian Rock


  1. I made a mistake I got this information from Diana Caudell at the Basket Weavers booth at Pow Wow.



  2. I have been exploring up behind Rodriquez Mt, in Valley Center and have come across numerous Native American sites, I leave them alone and try to picture what they were doing there, there’s ample water and Oaks, if there are some hikes planned to study sites I would be a willing volunteer, Larry Roel 760846 3661. I got this information about Indian Rock Native Garden project from Debra Small of the Basket Weaver Association booth at the Pow Wow at the San Luis Rey Mission on the 10th of June.



  3. […] link takes you to a PDF of the 60-page Indian Rock Native Garden catalog students produced in 2006 documenting their collaborative […]



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