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Pesticide Aerial Bombardment North County San Diego

Spraying of the avocado groves has been going on ALL morning. I’ve got a call into Jason Schwartze at the San Diego County Hazardous […]

“Older Than America” screening at CSUSM on Nov 10

Native Filmmaker and actor Georgina Lightning will be screening Older Than America at CSUSM In ARTS 240 at 6 pm on November 10. The […]

California Water Wars and Environmental Restoration

Links about the Bathroom Site Project showed up today in the Daily Good,  Center for Living Peace and We Can Change the World. The most […]

Routine Contaminations: an excerpt in 64 parts

These are two pages from Routine Contaminations, a book I wrote several years ago. Dick and Jane are the primary narrators who traverse a […]

Desecration of a Sacred Site: Gregory Canyon

Proposed Gregory Canyon Landfill: Cultural Fact Sheet below and poster above from the website 1. The proposed Gregory Canyon landfill is located on […]

California poppies: Eschscholzia californica and torture

“Humans are creatures in search of exultation,” Ellen Meloy writes. Exultation = the Lake Elsinore poppy fields. Saturday. Cold. Misty rain. Windy . . […]