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Rhus trilobata / Justin Farmer

In early February, several of us went to gather Rhus trilobata, or basketry sumac, on the Ramona Reservation in San Diego County. Justin Farmer, […]

Joe Moreno and Minnie Tafoya gather Rhus trilobata

Saturday, January 30. Fieldtrip with Rose Ramirez, Joe Moreno, Minnie Tafayo, and Ray Tafayo to gather the long, straight shoots of Rhus trilobata, aka […]

Contemporary Southern California Ethnobotany

Bill Madrigal is pictured in the poster below harvesting the seeds of Salvia carduaceae, or thistle sage, on the Cahuilla reservation. He’s using a […]

Gathering Chia Seeds

Monica Madrigal gathering seeds of thistle chia on the Cahuilla Reservation. She is using a seedbeater made from Rhus trilobata and Juncus textilis. Thistle […]

sacred datura

Toloache. Náatumush. Datura wrightii. Angel’s trumpet. Devil’s weed. Names in Nahuatl, Luiseño, Latin, and English, respectively, for the sacred datura plant. I’m working on […]