Chia Cafe Collective will be giving a short lecture about California Native foods and the expanded version of our book, Cooking the Native Way, with Heyday PressWe’ll also provide TASTINGS from recipes in our book at the Tree of Life Nursery in San Juan Capistrano on Saturday, March 3, from 11:30-2:30.

Tastings will include rose hip jam, mesquite cookies, cactus salad, chia pudding, and nettle soup, among others.

Our good friend Mike Wilken-Robertson will lecture on his new book, Kumeyaay Ethnobotany, at 10:30. See more information on both events from the Tree of Life Nursery below the photos.

CLICK on any image to enlarge, from Cooking the Native Way

CCC Authors of Cooking the Native Way: Barbara Drake, Lorene Sisquoc, Cindi Alvitre, Craig Torres,Tima Lotah Link, Heidi Lucero, Abe Sanchez, Daniel McCarthy, Leslie Mouriquand, and Deborah Small, Tima also is the Designer, and I am the primary Photographer.

Native Cultures: Two New Books and Food Tastings!

March 3, 2018 @ 10:30 am – 2:30 pm
Tree of Life Nursery, 33201 Ortega Hwy, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675, USA

We are excited to have Mike Wilken-Robertson along with the Chia Cafe Collective, authors and experts in native cultures, joining us for a stimulating discussion on southern California ethnobotany and a chance to actually taste some amazing local flavors. Presentations on their newly released books, Kumeyaay Ethnobotany and Cooking the Native Way respectively, will be followed by food tastings provided by the Chia Cafe Collective and a book signing.

Introduction by Tree of Life President Mike Evans
Kumeyaay Ethnobotany by Mike Wilken-Robertson
Food Tasting #1
Cooking the Native Way by The Chia Cafe Collective
Food Tasting # 2
Summary and Acknowledgements








Posted by deborah small


  1. Yes, I will try to post earlier. And thank you for your best wishes. —Deborah



  2. If only we could learn about these wonderful events at least a month in advance. Unfortunately, this is too short of a notice for me, particularly since I travel from Los Angeles.

    Best wishes on a successful event!



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