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Gathering Rhus trilobata, aka basket sumac

On Sunday, January 9, Abe Sanchez and I took a trip up to the Laguna Mountains to gather Rhus trilobata, one of the four […]

Gathering sumac / Gathering deergrass

Last Saturday, January 9, Abe Sanchez and I went to Cuyamaca Rancho State Park to gather deergrass (Mulenbergia rigens) and basket sumac (Rhus trilobata). […]

gathering deergrass and sumac

Marta Rodriguez and Abe Sanchez gathering deergrass, Mulenbergia rigens. Marta is from San Jose de la Zorra, a Kumiai basketweaving village in Baja. Deergrass […]

Rhus trilobata / Justin Farmer

In early February, several of us went to gather Rhus trilobata, or basketry sumac, on the Ramona Reservation in San Diego County. Justin Farmer, […]

Edwina Freeman splits Rhus trilobata

Edwina Freeman, Chumash basketweaver, splits Rhus trilobata, or sumac, into three pieces to be used as the coils for her basket.

Joe Moreno and Minnie Tafoya gather Rhus trilobata

Saturday, January 30. Fieldtrip with Rose Ramirez, Joe Moreno, Minnie Tafayo, and Ray Tafayo to gather the long, straight shoots of Rhus trilobata, aka […]