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Chia Cafe Collective Workshop at Idyllwild Summer Arts 2017

The Chia Cafe Collective will be teaching their annual 2-day workshop at Idyllwild Summer Arts, July 1-2, focusing on California Native Plants: Contemporary and Traditional […]

KCET Decolonizing the Diet

KCET Decolonizing the Diet Video Link Featuring Lois Connor, and Chia Cafe Collective members Barbara Drake, Lorene Sisquoc, and Craig Torres. From the KCET website: […]

Chia Cafe Collective Book

Authors: Barbara Drake, Lorene Sisquoc, Craig Torres, Abe Sanchez, Daniel McCarthy, Leslie Mouriquand, and Deborah Small, and Tima Lotah Link. Tima Lotah Link also […]

The Ethnobotany Project Book

Collaborator Rose Ramirez and I just completed our Ethnobotany Project, a book focusing on the contemporary uses of twelve native plants of profound importance to […]

Gathering Prickly Pear Tunas / Fruits

Adam and Reid helping to gather the prolific prickly pear tunas from my neighbor’s road. A group of us are gathering tunas and juicing […]

Native Plants for Food and Medicine Class 2010

In July, Tongva elder Barbara Drake and Cahuilla/Apache Lorene Sisquoc once again taught their Native Plants for Food and Medicine class at Idyllwild Summer […]