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KCET Decolonizing the Diet

KCET Decolonizing the Diet Video Link Featuring Lois Connor, and Chia Cafe Collective members Barbara Drake, Lorene Sisquoc, and Craig Torres. From the KCET website: […]

Chia Cafe Collective Book

Authors: Barbara Drake, Lorene Sisquoc, Craig Torres, Abe Sanchez, Daniel McCarthy, Leslie Mouriquand, and Deborah Small, and Tima Lotah Link. Tima Lotah Link also […]

The Ethnobotany Project Book

Collaborator Rose Ramirez and I just completed our Ethnobotany Project, a book focusing on the contemporary uses of twelve native plants of profound importance to […]

Gathering Prickly Pear Tunas / Fruits

Adam and Reid helping to gather the prolific prickly pear tunas from my neighbor’s road. A group of us are gathering tunas and juicing […]

Native Plants for Food and Medicine Class 2010

In July, Tongva elder Barbara Drake and Cahuilla/Apache Lorene Sisquoc once again taught their Native Plants for Food and Medicine class at Idyllwild Summer […]

Native Plants for Food and Medicine Class

The images are from the Native Plants for Food and Medicine class at Idyllwild Arts in Summer 2009 taught by Barbara Drake (Tongva) and […]