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Traditional Kumiai Basketweaving Workshop

People coming from the US are welcome to park in the parking lots on the US side just before the border, walk a block […]

Baja: Teresa Castro and Daria Mariscal, Santa Catarina

On Saturday, August 10, we returned from a trip to Baja organized by basket weaver Rose Ramirez and anthropologist Mike Wilken. Above is an […]

Teodora Cuero, Leonor Farlow, and Mike Wilken at CSUSM

Teodora Cuero, Leonor Farlow, and Mike Wilken will be speaking at my Art and World Cultures class at 5:30 pm on Wednesday, November 9. […]

Teodora Cuero in LA Times

Click here for LA TIMES article This is so exciting to see our friends Teodora Cuero and Mike Wilken on the front page of […]

Baja’s original slow food

I just picked up my copy of the Spring issue of News from Native California. Rose Ramirez’s article about Barbara Drake and Lori Sisquoc’s […]

CNPSSD Presentation of Edible, Medicinal, Material, Ceremonial: Contemporary Ethnobotany of Southern California Indians

On Tuesday, February 16, collaborator Rose Ramirez and I are giving a photo presentation and lecture at a meeting of the San Diego Chapter […]