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A Review of Routine Contaminations by Deborah Small

Deborah Small has managed to capture the entire culture of America trapped somewhere between the periodic table and the expanding of consciousness. You could say that Routine Contaminations looks at the horrors of the madness of man through the eyes of a child. We begin with Dick and Jane storyline and the book quickly enfolds onto a barrage of information that one will encounter in their lives but here it is laid out in sheer perfect detail.

Listen to what I am about to say and remember these words: this book is just about as perfect as can be. That’s right, perfect. I can imagine no text or media being changed. An excerpt from page 155 says it all.

“Two hundred rads are a lot of rads, Jane tells Dick. You probably wouldn’t want your testicles bombarded with that many rads.

“I probably wouldn’t want my testicles bombarded at all,” Dick replies.

Somewhere in a gallery or museum there should be an installation that says simply, “Routine Contaminations.” Every page of this incredible book calls out to be displayed and serve as information to the meager millions of the planet who sometimes forget what they may have never known.

Ask a veteran of any war, ask the children of Chernobyl, ask the survivors of Hiroshima. In an E Coli universe, where car emissions paint the ceilings of schools, we should lean into this book with a trembling heart and an inquisitive soul.





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