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CSUSM Ethnobotany Garden

Gabriel Kitchen, anthropology student. Kristie Orosco, Kumeyaay Resource Manager for the San Pasqual San Pasqual Band of Indians in what is now Valley Center, […]

Sanctuary: yerba mansa

Pó’ polóóv téngalish. That’s a good type of medicine. Pí’ potówla pó’ polóóv. Its root is good. Pó’ chévnish qayááwima ‘o-’óówi. Chévnish cleans the […]

Rincon Reservation: collaborative class fieldtrip

On March 22, my CSUSM Advanced Digital Arts class, Joely Proudfit’s Political Science class, and Bonnie Bade’s anthropology class went to the Rincon Reservation […]

Flannelbush :: Fremontodendron californica

Flannelbush, Fremontodendron californica, at the Tree of Life Nursery California Native Plants. On the Tree of Life website, Mike Evans, the spectacularly knowledgeable and […]

CSUSM Ethnobotanical Garden

Mixtec elder Don Erasto Camacena, a local herbalist and healer, joined Mel Vernon, Chair of the San Luis Rey Band of Luiseño Indians, to give […]