Category: birds

Red-tailed hawk

An October visitor, Red-tailed hawk / Buteo jamaicensis, in the pine tree above my front porch. I’m really a plant devotee, but became interested […]

Bullock’s orioles, jack boots, and capitalist fairytales

My birding friend, Maggie Jaffe, identified this beauty as a Baltimore oriole, but plant gathering friend, Lydia Vassar, wrote that she thinks it’s a […]

Bladderpod / Isomeris arborea

On Wednesday evening, three guests came to my CSUSM Arts and World Culture class: Kumiai elder Teodora Cuero from La Huerta, Kiliwa elder Leonor […]

California sycamore / Platanus racemosa

In Tending the Wild, Kat Anderson writes about majestic California sycamore trees that were “massive enough to create a home for a menagerie.” Her […]


on my walk yesterday, noticed some elderberry trees with ripening berries. will photograph soon, before the birds devour them. greg rubin, native landscaper, told […]