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more on thistle chia

Thistle sage /Thistle chia / Salvia carduacea in flower in May On Saturday, November 22, I went to the exhibition at the Oceanside Library […]

Lydia Vassar gathers Juncus textilis

Lydia Vassar, Luiseño, wraps her Juncus textilis bundle, bottom ends up, with the 12-15 inches of rich red-browns basketweavers love using to create patterns […]

datura wrightii gardens

Walked with Barbara this morning. Noticed the profusion of weeds in the avocado groves that have been stumped now that people can’t afford the […]

sacred datura

Toloache. Náatumush. Datura wrightii. Angel’s trumpet. Devil’s weed. Names in Nahuatl, Luiseño, Latin, and English, respectively, for the sacred datura plant. I’m working on […]