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CSUSM Ethnobotanical Garden

Mixtec elder Don Erasto Camacena, a local herbalist and healer, joined Mel Vernon, Chair of the San Luis Rey Band of Luiseño Indians, to give […]

Tommy Devers / Lydia Vassar / Mel Vernon

On Monday, February 22, the Indian Rock Native Garden Collaboration took a fieldtrip to the Tierra Miguel Organic Biodynamic Farm in Pauma Valley, CA. Mel […]

Indian Rock Native Garden Collaboration

The Indian Rock/Native Garden Collaboration is an on-going project among advanced computer art, sociology, and anthropology students at CSUSM and the San Luis Rey […]

surfing scripps / sandhill cranes / qarú:t

Intrepid CSUSM student Joel Smith surfs Scripps. Joel sent me this photo yesterday. Former TA for my Advanced Digital Arts class, he introduced us […]

Lydia Vassar / Diania Caudell

Last night we presented the first in a series of three ethnobotany events at California State University San Marcos. Lydia Vassar, a Luiseño basketweaver […]

Ethnobotany Events at CSUSM

All events are free and open to the public. Please join us.