Tag: gathering native plants

mojave yucca / pinyon pine sap

As I was wandering around with my camera, un-mindfully it turns out, I walked into the bayonet-sharp leaves of a Mojave yucca, Yucca schidigera, […]

Edwina Freeman splits Rhus trilobata

Edwina Freeman, Chumash basketweaver, splits Rhus trilobata, or sumac, into three pieces to be used as the coils for her basket.

Joe Moreno and Minnie Tafoya gather Rhus trilobata

Saturday, January 30. Fieldtrip with Rose Ramirez, Joe Moreno, Minnie Tafayo, and Ray Tafayo to gather the long, straight shoots of Rhus trilobata, aka […]

Contemporary Southern California Ethnobotany

Bill Madrigal is pictured in the poster below harvesting the seeds of Salvia carduaceae, or thistle sage, on the Cahuilla reservation. He’s using a […]

Rose hips & chokecherries

On Sunday, Rose Ramirez, Abe Sanchez, and Marian Walkingstick travelled in the San Diego County back country to gather rose hips. Marian, an intrepid […]

teodora cuero gathering woolly blue curls

I ask this little plant to keep growing with its little green leaves and its juicy stems, so that it can keep giving medicine […]