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Lydia Vassar / Diania Caudell

Last night we presented the first in a series of three ethnobotany events at California State University San Marcos. Lydia Vassar, a Luiseño basketweaver […]

Ethnobotany Events at CSUSM

All events are free and open to the public. Please join us.

Seri/Comca’ac Women’s Artisans Cooperative

The Seri/Comca’ac Women’s Artisans Cooperative from Desemboque and Punta Chueca, on the Sea of Cortez in Sonora, Mexico, are visiting in southern California for […]

Edwina Freeman splits Rhus trilobata

Edwina Freeman, Chumash basketweaver, splits Rhus trilobata, or sumac, into three pieces to be used as the coils for her basket.

Lydia Vassar gathers Juncus textilis

Lydia Vassar, Luiseño, wraps her Juncus textilis bundle, bottom ends up, with the 12-15 inches of rich red-browns basketweavers love using to create patterns […]