Category: wildlife

surfing scripps / sandhill cranes / qarú:t

Intrepid CSUSM student Joel Smith surfs Scripps. Joel sent me this photo yesterday. Former TA for my Advanced Digital Arts class, he introduced us […]

Bladderpod / Isomeris arborea

On Wednesday evening, three guests came to my CSUSM Arts and World Culture class: Kumiai elder Teodora Cuero from La Huerta, Kiliwa elder Leonor […]

spider southern california

Jennifer from the Living Desert Museum in Palm Desert ID’d this as a jumping spider, Phidippus adumbratus.

Gathering sycamore bark

When the day cools off, I walk over to the intermittent creek near my house to gather some bark to make Pauline Murillo’s sycamore […]

mountain lion

Up early again. Love the morning solitude. Dawn my favorite time of day. Spent the week-end with friends in Laguna Beach. C spoke of […]