Category: fire

Fire Season from front porch

Fire near Pala Temecula Road moving East at about 1pm. This view from my front porch. Hard to focus on finishing my syllabus for […]

Pinyon Pine Cones / Pinus Quadrifolia

Tomorrow morning Lydia and Larry Vassar and I are going to the Santa Rosa Indian Reservation to help out with the Parry Pinyon Pine […]

Redshanks / Adenostoma sparsifolium

Rose Ramirez and I went out early this morning to check out a recently burned area (September 2009) near Vail Lake on the 79 […]

prickly pear survivors

Photograph prickly pear burn areas in the morning under a cloudy cloudy sky. Giacometti-like anthropomorphic sculptures, firestorm survivor series: earth . . . air […]