Category: ethnobotany

Gathering Chia Seeds

Monica Madrigal gathering seeds of thistle chia on the Cahuilla Reservation. She is using a seedbeater made from Rhus trilobata and Juncus textilis. Thistle […]

California poppies: Eschscholzia californica and torture

“Humans are creatures in search of exultation,” Ellen Meloy writes. Exultation = the Lake Elsinore poppy fields. Saturday. Cold. Misty rain. Windy . . […]

teodora gathering plants

I took this photo of Teodora Cuero when she was gathering live oak and scrub oak acorns in North County San Diego. Teodora is […]

Gathering deergrass

Photo of a deergrass gathering group in North County San Diego, with basketweavers, including Marian Walkingstick, Lydia Vassar, Rose Ramirez, Abe Sanchez, my dad, […]

gathering juncus

new year. yesterday gathered juncus with marianwalkingstick and abe sanchez. ground is wet from the recent rains, so it pulled out easily. what a […]