Category: edible foods

Prickly Pear Tunas

These tunas are the domesticated variety, Opuntia ficus_indica, that grow wild all over the San Diego County back country roads. The really red ones are […]

Contemporary Native Foods Workshop

TREE OF LIFE native plant nursery in San Juan Capistrano. Workshop: Saturday, October 15: 10am – 1pm From the Tree of Life website: “Workshop […]

A Southern California Native Cornucopia

This past week-end, July 9–10, I photographed the Native Plants for Food & Utilitarian Purposes class at Idyllwild Arts Center taught by a group of stellar teachers, […]

Traditional Foods Bank Project / Barbara Drake

Video and Music by Josh Knoff, CSUSM alum VoiceOver by Barbara Drake, Tongva elder, California Native Plants Specialist, and co-founder of the Preserving Our […]

Protect Against Radiation with Herbs, Foods and Sea Vegetables

Check out a great blog post titled “Natural Substances to Protect Ourselves from Radiation” by Gail Faith Edwards. First on her list is rosemary, Rosmarinas […]

Agave Harvest

This week-end, CSUSM students from Joely Proudfit’s Political and Economic Development, Bonnie Bade’s Community Ethnobotany, and my Advanced Digital Arts classes will participate in an agave […]