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Marian Walkingstick :: Acjachemen basket weaver

The spring semester is over at CSUSM, so I have time to work on page layouts for a photo-heavy book I hope to finish […]

Gathering sumac / Gathering deergrass

Last Saturday, January 9, Abe Sanchez and I went to Cuyamaca Rancho State Park to gather deergrass (Mulenbergia rigens) and basket sumac (Rhus trilobata). […]

gathering mesquite roots

“The mesquite is God’s best thought in all this desertness. It grows in the open, is thorny, stocky, close grown, and iron rooted. —Mary […]

gathering deergrass and sumac

Marta Rodriguez and Abe Sanchez gathering deergrass, Mulenbergia rigens. Marta is from San Jose de la Zorra, a Kumiai basketweaving village in Baja. Deergrass […]

open-weave juncus baskets

Luis Rodriguez, below, is a student in master basketweaver Abe Sanchez’s whole rod juncus basketweaving class at the Agua Caliente Cultural Museum. Luis is […]

California Ethnobotany

Edible, Medicinal, Material, Ceremonial: Contemporary Ethnobotany of Southern California Indians is featured as the cover story in the Fall issue of News from Native […]