On November 7, basket weaver Abe Sanchez is helping to host basket weavers from the Seri/Comca’ac Women’s Artisans Cooperative from Desemboque and Punta Chueca on the Sea of Cortez in Sonora, Mexico, along with XIPE PROJECTS, a museum and non-profit educational foundation.

November 7th, 3-9 PM

XIPE PROJECTS is pleased to announce the launch of their first annual Seri
cultural exchange and Indian marketplace.

On November 7th 2013, between 3PM and 9PM, Xipe Projects will host the
Seri/Comca’ac Women’s Artisans Cooperative from Desemboque and Punta
Chueca on the Sea of Cortez in Sonora, Mexico. The talented artisans will
be demonstrating their craft at the Xipe Projects exhibition hall and works on
sale will include traditional coiled baskets, ironwood carvings, and shell and
fishbone necklaces made from native materials gathered in the Sonoran Desert
and the Sea of Cortez.

Confirmed participants include Ms. Angelita Torres, the iconic “Angel Woman”
featured in the photography of Graciela Iturbide, and Mr. Abe Sanchez, an artist
and promoter for the Revitalization of Indigenous Arts and Foods.

Join us for a unique cultural experience and the opportunity to purchase these
crafts directly from the artists themselves.

The event is scheduled to take place at the Xipe Projects gallery at 15121
Graham Street, Suite 103, Huntington Beach, CA. Accepted forms of payment
will be cash and personal check. All proceeds directly support the Women’s
Artisans Cooperative.

Refreshments and light hors d’oeuvres will be served and parking and
admission are free.

For directions or more information about the Seri Cooperative, please contact
us via email at staff@xipeprojects.com or check out our website at


We hope to see you there! Hasta luego!”

Raquel Hoeffer gathering cardon cactus fruits

The image above is Raquel Hoeffer, a Seri basket weaver, gathering the pitahaya, the delicious fruits of the cardón cactus, in Desemboque on the Sea of Cortez. The cardón, or Pachycereus pringlei, is the largest cactus in the Sonoran Desert, and the entire cactus is important to the Seri for food, medicine, material, and ceremony.

“The XIPE PROJECTS will be hosting the craftswomen of Comca’ac /Seri Women’s Artisan’s Cooperative, who will display and sell the crafts for which the Seri have become internationally known.

We would be delighted to have you share this festive occasion with us. There will be fabulous food, wonderful talk, and great things to see and buy.

As many of you may know, the Seri are an indigenous group in Sonora, Mexico, just across the Sea of Cortez from Baja California. To a great extent they continue to maintain their traditional way of life, despite the difficulties posed by modern civilization.

Their numbers, however, are dwindling, and they are mired in poverty. Despite these difficulties, the Seri women continue to weave their traditional baskets, beautiful examples of the basketmaker’s art.

The baskets are made in time-honored ways, completely from materials native to the Seri lands and the adjoining Sea of Cortez. The women also make fascinating jewelry, much of it crafted from maritime materials.

These things will be on display and for purchase at Xipe, in addition to the sleek, strikingly beautiful ironwood carvings, a more recently developed craft of the Seri. We are honored to be able to host the Seri and to help in our small way the survival of their crafts and their culture.

Abe Sanchez and Mike Gray will also be there, happy to help answer any questions about the Seri art, culture, and way of life. Join us on November 7th!

We thank you for your continued support!”

Peter Markman, Director, XIPE PROJECTS

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  1. I really wish that they would create a space in eBay or Amazon.com where we could purchase their beautiful baskets directly from them. I want to give a friend a gift and would love it to be one of their amazing artwork weavings. Please tell them that they should somehow get a space set up for them. Etsy.com is another really amazing site with international sales. I bought knee leggings from a woman in England that are beautiful and very unusual. I think they would do well!



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