TREE OF LIFE native plant nursery in San Juan Capistrano.
Workshop: Saturday, October 15: 10am – 1p

From the Tree of Life website: “Workshop back by popular demand!  Native American foods have been around for centuries, but now, with the use of some modern tools and conveniences, learn how to use native ingredients (plants!) in creative, appetizing and modern presentations. Through both study and experimentation, Abe Sanchez has developed a vocabulary of native materials to use in contemporary ways.  An accomplished basket weaver as well, Abe will bring a beautiful display as well as delicious foods to sample.  Formal discussion at 10 AM, samples available until 1pm.  A “contribution” of $5-10 per person would be much appreciated to help pay for the delicious food ingredients.”

Photos below from Abe’s workshop in Spring 2011.

Another of Abe’s amazing baskets woven with sumac as the coiling material, juncus and dyed juncus as the design material, and deergrass for the foundation. See a multitude of links about Abe Sanchez here.

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