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This is so exciting to see our friends Teodora Cuero and Mike Wilken on the front page of the LA Times!

Her mother and grandmother taught her about the plants along the way. A red shank rinse eased a toothache. Elderberry flowers reduced a fever. Buckwheat blooms settled an upset stomach. And later in whispers: Woolly blue curls were for ladies trying to seem chaste who, as she says now, “needed to tighten things up.”

She laughs and adds, “So I hear. I never used it.” —excerpt from the LA TIMES article by Joe Mozingo

Below is a photo of Teodora gathering woolly blue curls.

Teodora and Mike, as well as Kiliwa elder Leonor Farlow, will be joining us in my World Cultures class on November 9th at California State University San Marcos at 5:30 in ARTS 111 as part of the Arts & Lectures series. The event is free and open to the public.

Don Bartletti also created a short video of Teodora and Mike. Click here.

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  1. […] is free and open to the public. Hope to see you there! They recently were feature in a feature article in the LA Times. Thanks to CSUSM Arts & Lectures for funding this event. (There is a fee for parking.) […]



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