Video and Music by Josh Knoff, CSUSM alum
VoiceOver by Barbara Drake, Tongva elder, California Native Plants Specialist, and co-founder of the Preserving Our Heritage: A Native Foods Bank Project
VoiceOver recorded by Deborah Small

This week-end, the San Diego Zoo’s Institute for Conservation Research is hosting a Native Foods Workshop for tribal teachers. The workshop will be taught by Barbara Drake, above, assisted by Craig Torres and others.

Chia candy; yucca and Indian lettuce salad; prickly pear/chia limeade; wooly blue curls tea, prickly pear, mesquite, and amaranth tortillas; sunflower seed/nettle soup; acorn and mesquite breads . . .

Thanks to Maren Peterson in Conservation Education at the Institute for Conservation Research for organizing this wonderful workshop.

Posted by deborah small


  1. Barbara Drake a beautiful Indignaous woman who allways shared her ways of her tribe with us as we did with her we will miss her all my family love you and prayers for your family at this time of there great loss love to you my friend and partner in gathering. From the Diaz family.



    1. Dear Frances,
      Thank you for your beautiful message, and my deepest condolences to you and your family.
      I forwarded it to Gary and Scott’s email.
      I know they will greatly appreciate it.
      We all loved Barbara so much. What a most wonderful person Barbara was.
      All the best,
      Deborah Small



  2. Beautiful !



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