Close-up of milkweed flower and bee.

The milkweeds are some of the favorite plants of monarch butterflies. I photographed these milkweeds early one morning (July 18) in Ashland, Oregon where I was visiting my family. My sister lives around the block from the Walker Elementary School where they have a wonderful garden full of milkweeds, redbuds, poppies, and whimsical plant/pollinator sculptures. California poppy seedpods. Wild rose, Rosa californica, and bee. The rose is from Idyllwild, CA on the campus for the Summer Arts classes. I was driving to Lorene Sisquoc (Cahuilla/Apache) and Barbara Drake’s (Tongva) Native Plants for Food and Medicine week-end workshop on July 10-11, and I stopped to photograph the wild roses.

I knew that later that same day, we would be gathering these wild rose petals for our salad, as well as stinging nettles for a soup. More on this incredible workshop soon. Images from last year’s workshop here.

The wild rose is the featured native plant for August in Rose Ramirez’ and my collaborative 2010 Ethnobotanical Calendar. You can download a PDF version here.

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  1. Greetings Deborah !
    Beautiful ! Milkweed, pollinators. close close up.
    I recently came upon “Edible, Medicinal, Material, Ceremonial” the Ethnobotanical calendar of Southern California Indians. I am a naturalist and involved in the Urban Food Movement here in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I am wondering if you have any remaining calendars, and if so – how could I get one? two? three?
    Thank you so much for information about that – and now ! I know about your blog. A great cap to a challenging week. Thank you.



  2. Dear Deborah, I am a Topanga, CA resident, and I’m trying preserve 20 acres on a glorious mountainside by our home. Today I’m starting a webpage and the webmaster asked me for a logo. I would like to draw the photo you have of the hummingbird & the manzanita blossom. May I have your permission to do a little sketch from that? If possible, could you answer me as soon as possible? Jeanne Dancs Arthur



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