An exhibition based on Seaweed, Salmon, and Manzanita Cider, a California Indian Feast, published by Heyday Books, is opening July 10 at the Grace Hudson Museum in Ukiah, CA.

The exhibition features historic and contemporary photographs, artifacts, food samples, memoirs, and recipes. Essays and anecdotes by contemporary California Indians provide fascinating, affectionate, and sometimes startling insights into the physical and spiritual techniques used by native peoples in the gathering, hunting, winnowing, leaching, and cooking of a tasty array of California’s native foods. The free exhibit opening will include several demonstrations showing methods of preparing some of these foods and offering opportunities to sample them. —Mendocino County

Several of the photographs of native plants and people who are a part of this blogsite are included: Acjachemen elder Minnie Tafoya gathering rose hips, as well as Rose Ramirez’s photos of Minnie gathering pinyon pine cones, Luiseño elder Diania Caudell’s recipe for chia gruel, Tongva elder Barbara Drake’s recipe for toasted chia candy, and native plants such as the superfood chia, Salvia columbariae, both in seed and flower, black oak acorn (the back cover photograph of the book), Indian lettuce, manzanita berries, and wild/cultivated native grapes, etc.


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