Raquel Hofer harvesting pitayaha, fruit of the cardón cactus


Raquel Hofer eating pitayaha


Raquel Hofer pictured above is Gabriel Hofer’s sister. Gabriel, a member of Grupo Tortuguero Comcáac, an organization dedicated to sea turtle conservation, is featured in the following post.

We went out early one hot-hot-hot july morning to harvest the pitahaya fruits from the cardón cactus, Pachycereus phinglei, largest cactus in the Sonoran Desert. The fruit grow high up on the giant cardón, so the women use a pole with a hook to detach them from the cactus. The fruits are incredibly delicious and sweet.

gathering piyahaya

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  1. I had never really noticed the cardón cactus before until a recent visit to the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix. They are quite impressive in sheer size as well as form.



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