I thought this book definitely belonged on my ethnobotany blog, which features so many prickly pear cacti. At first, I couldn’t quite figure out which one is the prickly pear, because I don’t think the author is referring to the Opuntia with its succulent green pads and scarlet-saturated blossoms at their feet. Text from the back cover helped:

“Camile Cordell, willful blond firebrand who’s bad news with a lariat and could rope her way out of Hell itself; or Wade Langtry, untamable virile stranger who has what it takes to wrestle cows and break stallions,” etc. etc. etc.

Rhonda Thompson’s sequel to Prickly Pear is titled, appropriately, Desert Bloom. Other titles by the author include Cougar’s Woman and Walk Into the Flame . . .

I’ll have to find an image from the art installation, Our Bodice, Our Selves, that I created about romance novels and the visual cues on their covers: her unkempt hair, his bronzed male torso, her ripped decolletage, etc. etc. etc.

Posted by deborah small

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  1. Gotta love the air-brushed rib cage. And it looks like an ocotillo in the background.



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