Master basketweaver Abe Sanchez gathering Juncus textilis, one of the four predominant plants used for basketweaving by southern California Indians.


This particular stand of  juncus has really rich browns on the earth ends. These are the brown colors basketweavers use for the patterns in their baskets.


Abe and Sean Bogner are tying up bundles of juncus, which Abe will then store in his refrigerator until he teaches his Living Traditions class next week-end at the Agua Caliente Cultural Center in Palm Springs where participants will learn to weave whole rod juncus baskets.

Posted by deborah small


  1. Mike Letteriello December 27, 2011 at 7:59 pm

    May I post that pic of Abe Sanchez on our Native Plant
    Garden Facebook page? (Prisk Native Garden-the yellow-flowered logo
    one, not the pink, which is deleted as a site). Please let me know?
    Thanks, Mike



    1. hi mike, yes, you’re welcome to post the photo of abe gathering juncus. your garden looks inviting for all species. best, deborah

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