On October 19, Rose Ramirez and I are giving a presentation about our ethnobotany project at the Dorothy Ramon Learning Center in Banning, CA. The Center is dedicated to sharing Southern California Indian cultures, languages, history, and arts. “Dorothy Ramon was an elder knowledgable in traditional ways and recognized as the last pure speaker of the Serrano language, that is, the last person who thought and dreamed in Serrano first, before English. In her final years before her passing in 2002 she worked tirelessly with a linguist and helped save the region’s own Serrano language and much cultural knowledge.” Please see their flyer and excerpts from three pages of our Ethnobotanical Calendar below. Dorothy Ramon Learning Center Blog.

dragonfly lecture dorothy ramon

We will be talking about the contemporary uses of native plants of profound importance to the intellectual, spiritual, and cultural vitality of Sothern California Indian people. Excerpts from 3 pages of our Ethnobotanical Calendar are below:




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  1. The ethnobotanical calendar looks wonderful! Will there be copies for sale??



    1. Hi Michael,

      Below is a blog with addresses of stores, nurseries, etc., where you can purchase the calendar. Thanks for your interest in our ethnobotanical calendar.





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