Rose Ramirez and I, as well as many knowledgeable and generous consultants and contributors, have produced an ethnobotanical calendar that documents the contemporary uses of twelve native plants of profound importance to the intellectual, spiritual, and cultural vitality of California Indian people. Margie Adcock, a recent graduate from CSUSM, worked tirelessly to help us get this to print. Clarissa McCallum, an extraordinary birder, graciously allowed us to use her bird photographs. Teodora Cuero from La Huerta in Baja California is photographed above as she gathers the tunas from the prickly pear, and Leonor Farlow from Ensenada is harvesting the pads.

Posted by deborah small


  1. Clarissa McCallum September 17, 2012 at 4:03 pm

    Hi Deb!

    So where can i pick up a copy of this beautiful calendar? 🙂



  2. Deborah~will this calendar be available for sale or donation? Love, love, love your blog and GORGEOUS photos!
    Another fan from Palm Desert!



    1. hi sybil,
      i’m going to forward your email to lydia vassar, a collaborator on the calendar who is handling sales for the calendar.
      thank you for your enthusiasm!



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