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  1. John Patrick Hill May 19, 2009 at 1:54 pm

    Dear Deborah Small, peace and blessings.
    My name is John Patrick Hill and I am an Earth Artist. I have slowly been working to create a reforestation project upon the San Bernardino and San Gabriel Mountains as well as the lands upon the San Manuel Reservation. I have found a contact in Sherry Long of the San Manuel Human Resource Department and I am working to find contacts and spread energy to work this project. What I think we can do is use both wind and solar energy to empower a water pump and irrigation works to nurture a complete forest biosphere upon a full mountain slope. Once mature, the works could be moved to another mountain to engage another planting.
    I am still looking to create and attract interest in this idea. In reading about the San Manuel Tribe, I learnt the name of two singers, Bill and Monica Madrigal. I also read the name of Forest Service archeologist, Daniel McCarthy and I have writ him of this idea.
    Perhaps there may be ways to see this project come to fruition from your desk?
    Many blessings and great health!
    John Patrick Hill



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