new year. yesterday gathered juncus with marianwalkingstick and abe sanchez. ground is wet from the recent rains, so it pulled out easily. what a pleasure. the earth-end of the juncus has a wonderful brown color. in some places the juncus is 12 feet long.

we gather quickly, just before dark. i don’t have my camera with me. it’s wonderful to gather rather than photograph for a change. i love standing in the dry creek bed, love the feel of juncus, love the brown live oak leaves strewn over the rocks.

i scan briefly around me to note where the poison oak is. poison oak is deciduous, and the leafless sticks/stems are pretty easy to overlook. in some areas, though, i’ve seen poison oak vines as thick as my wrist, winding their way up a sycamore or live oak tree.

i want to put juncus on the scanner, capture those modulations of brown . . . red tailed hawk flying outside the window, circling, greeting the new year, joining the blog.

the rains are coming. must put out the wildflower seeds on the hillside. poppy, penstemon, can’t remember what else i gathered . . .

Posted by deborah small

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